APS Trophy

Outsight wins the Special Mention Award at the APS Trophies 2023

We are excited to announce that our 3D LiDAR software, Shift, has collected an award at the Salon de la Sûreté & de la Sécurité 2023!

This award, identifying the most impactful solutions in the security industry, has been delivered by the APS - the exhibition for protecting employees, sites and data against malicious acts.

This award acknowledges the impact of Outsight's robust software with LiDAR technology, recognizing 3D spatial recognition as a crucial member in the security and safety industry.
Outsight receiving an award at APS

LiDAR, originally developed for the automotive industry, uses light as lasers to measure distances, creating 3D images known as “point clouds”.

Our 3D LiDAR-based software SHIFT transforms this raw data into actionable insights, analyzing positions and movements of people, objects, and vehicles with precision.

People Flow Monitoring 2.0: How LiDAR solutions outperform other technologies
LiDAR solutions’ accuracy and versatility make them a superior solution and will undoubtedly lead to improved safety and efficiency in high-traffic areas.

Shift’s exceptional capabilities include:

  • Accurate localization and continuous monitoring of intruders within premises.
  • Significant reduction in false alarms.
  • Employment of anonymous data.

Our cutting-edge software adeptly transforms raw LiDAR data into real-time actionable spatial information, elevating security levels to new heights.

LiDAR solutions for security
LiDAR-based security systems, with the right perception software, provide smart, efficient, and automated means of preventing threats and avoiding false positive detections.

By harnessing the unparalleled potential of 3D LiDAR data, we are not only enhancing security but also minimizing false alarms, enabling operators to concentrate on critical security aspects such as intruder detection and real-time tracking in sensitive areas.

Our software is sensor-agnostic, allowing customers to choose the most appropriate hardware manufacturer based on their needs.

After years of development, 73 patent filings, and feedback from hundreds of customers globally, we’re proud to be recognized again as a leader in the burgeoning field of Real Time Monitoring!

Outsight booth at APS

This award follows many other recognitions!

Outsight's awards and other recognitions
Keeping with the saying that good news come in pairs, we also took the opportunity during the APS Salon de la Sûreté & de la Sécurité to announce the integration of Outsight and Genetec solutions. 

This collaboration aims to accelerate LiDAR deployment in the security sector, a testament to our commitment towards enhancing security and safety solutions.

Outsight and Genetec Announce Full Integration of Their Solutions
The collaboration between two industry leaders marks a significant advancement for enhanced security solutions across many industries.

You want to learn more about LiDAR technology and its software? Download our free Whitepaper!

Whitepaper download for real-time lidar applications

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