Outsight and Genetec integrate their solutions

Outsight and Genetec Announce Full Integration of Their Solutions

The collaboration between two industry leaders marks a significant advancement for enhanced security solutions across many industries.

From transportation hubs like airports, rail, and bus stations to smart cities networks and industrial sites, the need for sophisticated, reliable, and integrated security measures has never been more pressing.

Fueled by substantial investments in the self-driving car market, dozens of manufacturers globally have propelled LiDAR technology to a stage where it is now both affordable and efficient, making it available for applications such as security.

Offering unparalleled depth, size, and velocity detection, LiDAR provides an unmatched level of spatial detail and resolution. When used with the right software, this precision drastically reduces false alarms and broadens the spectrum of detectable events, making it an effective alternative to traditional 2D technologies such as cameras.

How does Lidar work? (in detail)
3D LiDAR is a complex technology that enables unprecedented Spatial Intelligence. Many engineering choices are possible when building a new device.

One of the standout features of LiDAR technology is its adaptability to any lighting condition. Whether it's pitch-black darkness or glaring sunlight, LiDAR remains consistent, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor operations. Adding to its adaptability, LiDAR data is natively anonymous, providing an off-the-shelf privacy-compliant solution.

Anonymous vs. Anonymized: learn the difference
Understanding Anonymity in Sensor Data: discover the inherent privacy characteristics of each type of Sensor data and the potential risks associated with anonymizing sensitive information

Although versatile, the integration of this technology, given the myriad of hardware options and manufacturers, poses a challenge.

Each sensor is tailored for specific contexts, and the lack of standardization among manufacturers, coupled with the nuances of 3D perception compared to traditional 2D cameras, can be daunting for both end users and integrators, without the right software.

Enter Outsight's cutting-edge software solutions

With its ability to transform raw data from any LiDAR to real-time, actionable insights, Outsight simplifies the technology integration process by enabling users to effortlessly utilize LiDAR data from diverse manufacturers.

The complexities that once deterred the widespread adoption of this transformative technology are now a thing of the past.

Outsight's unique leadership in the realm of LiDAR technology has garnered numerous accolades, including being named the Edge AI Product of the Year by the Edge AI Vision Alliance, the Spatial Intelligence Global Leader by Frost & Sullivan, the LiDAR Leader by Geoweek, and receiving the CES Best of Innovation Award, among many others.

Outsight in a nutshell
Outsight means the ability to see and understand things clearly: we transform Raw 3D data from different manufacturers into actionable information.

A unique partnership between 2 industry leaders

Working with Genetec on this integration takes this a step further. The Genetec Security Center platform will now seamlessly integrate data processed by Outsight, regardless of the LiDAR device source.

We are immensely proud of this integration with Genetec Security Center said Raul Bravo, President Founder of Outsight.
This collaboration not only provides seamless access to the unique technology of 3D perception by LiDAR to most companies in any country but also offers unparalleled freedom to customers, allowing them to select the best hardware and seamlessly combine sensors from various manufacturers.
Genetec demonstrates its role as a market leader, acting as a catalyst for the mass adoption of the most advanced technologies. We're honored to be recognized as the right technology partner in LiDAR technology by such a forward-thinking organization.
LiDAR solutions for security
LiDAR-based security systems, with the right perception software, provide smart, efficient, and automated means of preventing threats and avoiding false positive detections.

According to Genetec Director of Critical Infrastructure Practice, David Lenot:

At Genetec, we believe 3D LiDAR technology is going to be a key enabler for many industries to address security and safety challenges and improve operations efficiency. The capability of Outsight perception software being compatible with any hardware vendor offers a wide range of possibilities to meet the high demand of customers.

Designed to unify all data, The Genetec Security Center platform empowers users to manage security policies, monitor events, and conduct thorough investigations.

Current and prospective users of Genetec's solutions can now effortlessly harness the unparalleled value of 3D LiDAR. 

In addition, they can easily amalgamate this data with other sources, such as cameras and radar, offering a comprehensive, multi-dimensional security solutions.

This collaboration between Outsight and Genetec signifies a new era in the realm of security and safety, as well as a milestone in the history of LiDAR technology adoption, promising users an integrated, efficient, and state-of-the-art experience.

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