Spatial AI with Intel CPU
Spatial AI with Intel CPU

Outsight enters the Intel®Partner Alliance as a Gold Member

Together with Intel, we are set to deliver unprecedented solutions in the emerging field of Spatial AI.

Intel® has been a forerunner in the realm of technology since more than half a century. The Outsight-Intel® Partnership aims to provide top-notch, market-ready solutions to Outsight's users.

Outsight’s software solutions track and digitize human and vehicle motion using 3D LiDAR data.Transportation hub operators, including airports, train stations, sport venues, road infrastructure, and i

Outsight enters Intel Partners Alliance

With the advent of IoT, AI, Edge computing, and 5G, all key components and enablers of Spatial Intelligence solutions like Outsight's, there is an inevitable need for processing dozens of gigabytes per second in real-time.

Leveraging Intel's expertise and Outsight's innovative Spatial AI platform for People Flow Monitoring and Vehicle Monitoring, users can experience real-time 3D Perception and actionable Analytics at unprecedented levels of performance and cost efficiency.

These LiDAR-enabled insights are critical in decision-making for resource allocation, long term strategic planning, ensuring security and enhancing operational efficiency across industries like Transportation Hubs, Smart Cities(Intelligent Transportation Systems), Public Spaces, Fast food Restaurants and Industrial Units to name a few.

How 3D LiDAR Transforms Airports
Thanks to its accuracy and spatial perception, anonymous tracking capabilities and wide detection range, 3D LiDAR technology is transforming airports.

Learn how LiDAR is transforming airports all over the world

Spatial Intelligence running in hybrid Edge-Cloud architectures, powered by Intel® Xeon® Processors, represents the next frontier in AI, offering transformative capabilities that reshape how we perceive and interact with the world.

By joining the Intel® Partner Alliance, Outsight aims to elevate industry standards in data processing for Spatial AI applications.

This partnership grants advanced access to Outsight to prototype, test, and run workloads on the latest Intel technologies, ensuring best-in-class, ready-to-use solutions for customers as well as commercialise joint solutions to customers all over the world.

Outsight's solutions have garnered many awards and recognitions over the years in the field of AI and Computer Vision, including the Edge AI Product of the year and recently the Airport Technology Innovation Award.

Outsight Wins 2023 Edge AI and Vision Product Award
We’re thrilled to announce that the 6th generation of our 3D LiDAR processing software, has been awarded the 2023 Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year!

Outsight wons the Edge AI Vision of the Year

Outsight Earns 2024 Airport Technology Award
Outsight’s groundbreaking Spatial AI Software Platform, Shift, has received the 2024 Airport Technology Excellence Awards, an event aiming to celebrate the best and greatest achievements in the aviation industry.

Innovation Award in Airports

These recent accolades join many others:

Outsight's Awards and recognitions in the field of Spatial AI
A testament to Outsight's commitment of providing its world-leading Spatial AI to infrastructure operators across the globe

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