Les 100 Start-up où investir

Outsight named among the top 100 startups to invest in

A strong indicator that 3D LiDAR is becoming an essential component of computer vision beyond its roots in self-driving cars

Outsight is selected by Challenges, the reference French weekly business magazine, as one of the top 100 startups to invest in in 2023!

You want to learn more about Outsight? Take a look at this short video:

Outsight in a nutshell
Outsight means the ability to see and understand things clearly: we transform Raw 3D data from different manufacturers into actionable information.

In the upcoming years, it will be imperative for many different industries to implement computer vision based perception technology like LiDAR to help identify safety issues, minimize risk, and improve operations.

To answer these needs, our 3D LiDAR based software delivers actionnable real time data from any LiDAR sensors, to provide unique insights that cannot be obtained with cameras.

Discover how our solution works in this article !

Overview of Outsight algorithms
An overview of some of the most important real-time LiDAR algorithms provided by Outsight’s Software.

We're really proud to be a part of this selection ! Congratulations to the whole team!

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Whitepaper download for lidar solutions in real-time applications

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