Outsight means the ability to see and understand external things clearly

Outsight in a nutshell

Outsight means the ability to see and understand things clearly: we transform Raw 3D data from different manufacturers into actionable information.

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In the context of the autonomous car, billions of dollars have been invested to develop a new type of sensor called Lidar.

Its working principle is simple: the sensor sends laser beams that bounce off all the objects around.

How lidar works by emitting laser light pulses to an object and measuring the distance from the reflected laser pulse
LiDAR is an active sensor: it creates its own light and works in any lighting condition

As the speed of light is known, the distance can be easily calculated, but also the size and volume of the objects.

This information is critical for many applications and cannot be obtained directly with cameras, which only provide colour.

LiDARs also provide a unique benefit for privacy: unlike cameras, they do not allow identification of people.

3D point cloud from lidar scan showing the innate anonymity
LiDAR technology does not capture any personal information.
Understanding the basics of 3D LiDAR Technology
Light Detection and Ranging, also known as LiDAR, is a technology for remote sensing that is used to measure distances in an environment.

Competition from dozens of companies manufacturing these sensors has resulted in dramatically lower prices, along with improved performance.

This now makes it possible to deploy it in a wide range of industries, well before the automotive industry.

However, 3D data is new and much more complex to process than traditional images.

Other difficulties, such as the lack of standards, are also obstacles to their adoption by clients who are not interested in the technology itself, but in the value it brings.

Solving these problems is the mission of Outsight.

How Outsight turns 3D raw data into Spatial Intelligence Solutions

Based on raw sensor data, our software solutions enable the anonymous monitoring of people and vehicle flows in a variety of contexts such as airports and railway stations, shopping centres and sports facilities.

LiDAR Software Helps Airports to Manage Increased Traffic
See how and why Airports are increasingly using LiDAR-based software solutions to tackle their biggest challenges, leveraging the unique value of Spatial Intelligence.

We also equip industry, agriculture, defence and many other sectors.

Multiple lidar applications and use cases

Many applications in the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) benefit from 3D LiDAR perception:

End to end ITS application by Outsight
Outsight provides the easiest and most comprehensive way to use LiDAR in ITS: from Simulation to Deployment and Analytics’ Dashboard.

As pioneers and global leaders, we have established strategic partnerships with most sensor manufacturers, such as Ouster, Velodyne, Robosense, Innoviz and Hesai, all of whom have strengths and weaknesses.

This allows us to respond to ambitious customer problems, as we did at Charles-de-Gaulle to track the simultaneous individual movement of thousands of travellers.

Different partnerships that Outsight has done with various lidar sensor manufacturers
People flow monitoring showing the wide coverage capabilities that lidar has
We obtain operational information of a richness and value unimaginable with traditional technologies.
Different KPIs Outsight's Spatial AI solution has for people tracking

Our solutions have been awarded many times, but above all developed thanks to the constructive feedback of hundreds of users from different industries.

Numerous awards that Outsight has won

Finally, all of this is made possible thanks to solid shareholders and the best experts in the field, more than eighty Outsighters based in Paris, Sophia-Antipolis and San Francisco, as well as UK, Belgium, Spain and recently in Hong-Kong.

Thanks to 3D data, made accessible with our software solutions, the world is becoming more efficient, more sustainable and safer.
Whitepaper download for using lidar in real-time applications

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