Overview of Outsight algorithms

Overview of Outsight algorithms

An overview of some of the most important real-time LiDAR algorithms provided by Outsight's Software.


All starts with raw data, a point cloud which is not very useful without processing, that's why we transform this in Super-Resolution 3D perception, in real-time.

This is possible because of our one-of-a-kind 3D LiDAR SLAM and Relocalization features.

This includes the Localization output to be delivered in GPS coordinates, so it can be integrated in any third-party software such as Google Maps.

Smart Cities

The perception algorithms enable features such as Landmark extraction from a vehicle, used by our customers in applications such as Smart Cities inventory management.

In other situations, you might want to track other vehicles or objects that are moving around, either for self-driving, speed limits enforcement, or making the road safer overall.

Our customers also use this feature to create a LiDAR ground truth out of massive amounts of recorded data.

Instead of tracking objects from a moving vehicle, you can also use Infrastructure-based LiDAR sensors in order to make you City Smarter and Safer.

This includes monitoring intersections and enabling advanced use-cases such as Vulnerable Road Users tracking, Stop Bar detection or Near-misses.

In other situations, like Smart Buildings, you might want to use LiDAR technology to track people with centimeter precision, fully respecting privacy.

Volume measurement

Outsight Software's ability to measure volumes is used in many different ways in factories and warehouses.

LiDAR for Accurate Volume Measurement
3D LiDAR solutions offer a solution for industries where traditional volume measurement methods are outdated by offering more accurate data

This is an area where 3D LiDAR works especially well.

To combine data over large areas, you will need the Multi-Sensor fusion Outsight feature.

In the case of Truck Volume measurement, we apply both Super-Resolution and Volume Measurement, together with other specific Segmentation algorithms, in order to extract only the truck load information.

As you can see, the diversity of Outsight Software algorithms opens up an endless world of possibilities.

It has never been easier to use LiDAR data in any application.


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