The Paris Airport Group (ADP) chooses Outsight’s solution

The Paris Airport Group (ADP) chooses Outsight’s solution

The People Flow Monitoring Solution developed by the French start-up Outsight has been chosen to be implemented at Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES–(–After an international competition, the ADP Group has announced that it has chosen Outsight's "3D Smart Monitoring" system to be used in two areas of Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport in the international Terminal 2E, including the baggage claim zone.

Outsight's "3D Smart Monitoring" offers a complete solution that provides precise Spatial Intelligence information that provides detailed analyses of crowd flow, people flows and their interaction with airport assets.

This solution is part of the ADP Group's Smart Airport project, which aims to smooth and optimize the passenger journey using new technologies.

Raul Bravo, President and Co-Founder of Outsight, said: "This first deployment at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, just a few months after the company's creation, demonstrates the relevance of our 3D perception approach in the context of improved operations and security. This first implementation follows a succession of announcements for Outsight, and can then be extended to other areas such as shopping malls and train stations."
CES 2020 has awarded Outsight with the prestigious Best of CES Innovations Award 2020 as well as the CES 2020 Honoree Award. 

Outsight has secured a variety of partnerships with major manufacturers such as Faurecia, with whom Outsight recently announced a collaboration on automotive applications and the Safran Group, a multinational high-tech company with whom Outsight has just announced its partnership to accelerate autonomous solutions development.

Outsight has also begun working with several other industry leaders in other markets. The young start-up raised a record $20 million in seed funding.

"Outsight offers a unique level of perception and understanding of the environment that responds to the growing need for better operations management and security in sensitive areas," explains Cedric Hutchings, CEO and co-founder of Outsight.

The 3D LiDAR Smart Monitoring solution enables operational awareness, higher efficiency and provides valuable insights into people flow and asset utilization to operators of large premises.

Outsight’s approach to simultaneous perception, localization and comprehension will bring unique value to a diverse set of markets and will accelerate a smarter and safer world for end users.


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