Traffic Analytics and Smart City Development

Outsight and GridMatrix partner up for Traffic Analytics and Smart City Development

Two of the leading technology leaders for traffic analytics and perception software announced a significant strategic partnership!

This alliance brings together Outsight's cutting-edge LiDAR-based perception software with GridMatrix's robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) traffic analytics solutions, establishing a new standard in smart city infrastructure and traffic management.

As an award winning leader of the LiDAR based 3D perception software market, Outsight will provide real-time, granular traffic data with unmatched accuracy and reliability.

Outsight in a nutshell
Outsight means the ability to see and understand things clearly: we transform Raw 3D data from different manufacturers into actionable information.

GridMatrix, the industry leader in traffic analytics software, will leverage this high-definition data to generate comprehensive traffic reports, flow optimization, proactive incident detection and safety metrics.

Together, we will offer an integrated, end-to-end traffic management solution that promises to dramatically improve traffic monitoring, safety, and efficiency for their locale and state government customers and partners.
Our partnership with GridMatrix opens up new possibilities in the field of proactive traffic safety analytics” said Murat Atalay, Director of Customer Engagement and Solutions at Outsight. “By combining our technologies, we will provide municipalities with a powerful tool for understanding and managing traffic patterns in real time. This will enhance safety, reduce congestion, and promote more efficient, sustainable urban living.

The combined offering will empower local and state governments with unprecedented insights into their road networks, particularly through cutting-edge surrogate safety metrics and analysis.

By understanding the behavior and flow of traffic in real-time, authorities can make more informed decisions on road design, traffic signal timing, congestion management, and emergency response.
The integration of Outsight's LiDAR perception technology with our traffic analytics platform will take our offerings to an entirely new level," said Austin Wilson, Vice President of Business Development of GridMatrix. "Our partners and customers will now have access to a more complete and accurate understanding of their road networks. This partnership will enable our combined products to usher in a new world of systemic safety, drive equitable innovation throughout communities, and revolutionize traffic management.
Gridmatrix dashboard showing the data collected

The announcement of the Outsight-GridMatrix partnership signals a significant step forward in the ongoing digital transformation of urban and suburban landscapes.

By leveraging artificial intelligence, LiDAR technology, and comprehensive analytics, the alliance sets a new standard for traffic management and city planning in the 21st century.

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