Murat Atalay joins Outsight as new Director of Customer Engagement and Solutions

Murat Atalay joins Outsight as new Director of Customer Engagement and Solutions

With +7 years of experience working with LiDAR software and hardware, Murat Atalay joins Outsight

Outsight, a leading provider of LiDAR software solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Murat Atalay as Director of Customer Engagement and Solutions for North America. In his new role, Murat will lead the US Product Specialist team, bringing his extensive experience and knowledge in software solutions to the company.

With over 12 years of experience in various industries including telecommunications, semiconductors, IT consulting, and the LiDAR industry, Murat is a seasoned sales professional with a proven track record of developing strong sales strategies.

Prior to joining Outsight, Murat served as the Global Director of Solutions for Quanergy Systems, where he was responsible for pre- and post-sale relational, technical, sales, and support roles for advanced technologies, systems, and software.

His journey began at P.I. Works Inc. as Software Engineer and later as Lead Engineer, assigned to AT&T, where he carried out the optimization of U.S. regional cellular networks and the development of new sites.

During his time at Quanergy, Murat served as the Application Engineering Manager and was later promoted to Director of Technical Sales. In this role, he was in charge of running the majority of the company's U.S. accounts and was able to significantly improve the company's quarter over quarter sales in the region while shortening the sales cycle.

Before joining Outsight, Murat occupied the position of Global Director of Solutions for Quanergy’s executive and enterprise accounts since 2021.

With Murat's appointment, Outsight will continue to expand its presence in North America and deliver best-in-class LiDAR software solutions to its customers.

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