Outsight's Shift Software Visualisation for Intelligent Transportation Systems

New Partnership Agreement Between Outsight and Seyond

The aim of this collaboration is to accelerate the advancement of LiDAR technology within the ITS market.

Outsight, renowned for its cutting-edge 3D Spatial Intelligence Software Solutions, and Seyond (Formerly known as Innovusion), a key player in advanced, high-performance LiDAR systems, have announced a groundbreaking partnership. 

This collaboration is set to revolutionize the ITS market by merging Outsight's innovative software platform with superior LiDAR products from Seyond.

This strategic alliance is poised to unlock new dimensions in 3D perception technologies, offering ITS operators unparalleled spatial insights.

An integration of Outsight's cutting edge software with the best in class sensors from Innovusion (Seyond)

As a frontrunner in high-performance LiDAR systems, crucial for autonomous vehicles and smart transportation, Seyond is integral to Outsight's ambition to broaden the reach of 3D LiDAR technology.

This partnership aspires to seamlessly blend Outsight's sophisticated software solutions with Seyond’s extensive product range.

This integration marks a pivotal advancement in deploying sophisticated 3D perception technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) on a grand scale.

Seyond, synonymous with innovation in autonomous driving and mobility safety, brings to the table its exceptional image-grade LiDAR solutions. These top-tier sensors, covering a spectrum from mid to ultra-long ranges, have established Seyond as a leader not just in the automotive realm but also across global smart transportation and industrial automation sectors.

The Role of LiDAR in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are crucial for enhancing road safety and efficiency. LiDAR brings these systems to a whole new level.

Transforming complex 3D LiDAR data into actionable, real-time insights, Outsight’s software excels in analyzing movements and positions of people, objects, and vehicles anonymously.

Engineered to enhance accessibility and utility of LiDAR technology, Outsight's software is a game-changer across diverse sectors, fostering improved situational awareness in dynamic environments.

The fusion of Seyond's cutting-edge LiDAR solutions with Outsight's powerful software is set to revolutionize 3D perception technologies, elevating design intelligence and modern detection methods in intersections and highways globally.

A gif of LiDAR based insights provided by Outsight in collaboration with Innovusion sensors

This unique collaboration brings together Seyond's hardware prowess and Outsight's software expertise, creating an ecosystem conducive to innovative ITS solutions.

This partnership is a significant leap toward developing more intelligent, secure, and efficient transportation systems, combining Seyond's precision in LiDAR technology with Outsight's prowess in transforming LiDAR data into meaningful insights.

In the joint pursuit of innovation, Seyond and Outsight will work closely to ensure seamless integration of their latest technological advancements.
Raul Bravo, President and Founder of Outsight, expressed excitement about the potential of their collaboration with Seyond, highlighting the promising future of long-range 1550nm LiDAR and its high-resolution data capabilities.
High-resolution data made possible by the integration of Seyond sensors and Outsight's software capabilities
Junwei Bao, CEO and co-founder of Seyond, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the commitment to advancing innovative perception technologies like LiDAR in the ITS industry. This collaboration is a testament to both companies' dedication to developing smarter, more efficient global transportation systems.

About Outsight

Outsight’s software solutions track the motion of people and vehicles using 3D LiDAR data.

Operators of transportation hubs like airports and train stations but also sport venues, road infrastructures, and industrial sites can now access accurate and anonymous Spatial Intelligence data, in order to improve operations and increase user safety and satisfaction.

Our international team of scientists and engineers drive the development of our solutions from Paris, San Francisco, and Sophia-Antipolis (Nice). To support our global outreach, we also operate commercial offices in the UK, Belgium, Spain, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Overview of Outsight
Outsight means the ability to see and understand things clearly: we transform Raw 3D data from different manufacturers into actionable information.

We believe that accelerating the adoption of LiDAR technology through robust and scalable software solutions will significantly contribute to making the world smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

To learn more: https://www.outsight.ai/

About Seyond

Seyond is a leading global provider of image-grade LiDAR sensors that power a safer, smarter, and more mobile world across the automotive, intelligent transportation, rail, and industrial automation industries. Started in Silicon Valley and expanded with R&D teams and automotive-grade manufacturing bases globally, Seyond’s portfolio of dynamic LiDAR solutions help transform communities with safer mobility in mind, deliver better autonomous driving experiences, and enable more accurate and efficient smart city development.

Automotive-grade product, Falcon, has been a standard configuration of the Aquila system for 8 NIO models, including the ET7, ES7, and ET5 since 2022 and with over 200,000 units currently in use, continues to be mass produced as of today.

For more information, please visit www.innovusion.com

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