Football stadium perfect for crowd management with lidar technology

Is LiDAR technology an alternative to facial recognition?

Video facial recognition seemed to be the only way to address security issues during large events, until LiDAR joined the party.

On March 23, 2023 the French National Assembly passed the Olympic bill, authorizing the use of algorithms to process images recorded by cameras or drones.

Even before it was voted, civil rights advocates expressed serious concerns about the protection of privacy when using videos, as well as the processes that AI could use to identify and highlight supposedly "suspicious" behavior. Those concerns are definitely legitimate as we may be facing risks of abuse.

With the right software, LiDAR technology offers superior performance compared to traditional monitoring solutions such as cameras, while guaranteeing the protection of privacy.

To discover the advantages of LiDAR solutions read this article :

People Flow Monitoring 2.0: How LiDAR solutions outperform other technologies
LiDAR solutions’ accuracy and versatility make them a superior solution and will undoubtedly lead to improved safety and efficiency in high-traffic areas.

A technology that goes beyond autonomous vehicles

Originally designed for the autonomous vehicle market, the applications of LiDAR technology are now diversifying.

LiDAR technology can map any environment with unparalleled accuracy and, thanks to adapted software solutions, react to any change such as the presence of a person or a moving object in a designated area.

And unlike traditional imaging technologies like cameras or radar, its effectiveness is not impacted by weather or lighting conditions.

If you also take into consideration its ability to analyze multiple elements simultaneously in real time, LiDAR technology is particularly relevant to address flow analysis and security issues within Smart Cities and Smart Infrastructures (such as Airports, Train Stations, Stadiums...)

All of these features can be combined within proper LiDAR based software solutions’, unlocking LiDAR's full ability to provide real-time information in populated areas and sensitive sites.

LiDAR solutions for security
LiDAR-based security systems, with the right perception software, provide smart, efficient, and automated means of preventing threats and avoiding false positive detections.

Respecting privacy and guaranteeing security

Since people and objects are only perceived as "point clouds" in the sensor's point of view, LiDAR technology does not require face identification tools or image processing software to monitor a specific location.

This commitment to privacy protection is also reflected in the data transmission.

Thanks to 3D LiDAR based software like Outsight's, a LiDAR installation is capable of processing up to 12 terabytes of data per hour in real time at the sensor location.

Using a real-time Edge computing solution for data collection and processing not only increases security, but also naturally reduces the need for external data transmission. In addition, the processed data consumes only 1% of the original bandwidth, minimizing the strain on local and wide area network transmission.

Outsight in a nutshell
Outsight means the ability to see and understand things clearly: we transform Raw 3D data from different manufacturers into actionable information.

Preparing the infrastructures of tomorrow

Major events such as the Olympic Games are an ideal opportunity to modernize cities and infrastructures' monitoring systems to optimize safety and operation efficiency, on different levels.

Apart from large-scale renovation projects, upgrading infrastructure remains expensive. The 2024 Olympics are therefore a perfect example of opportunity to integrate advanced technologies throughout Smart Cities, beyond traditional surveillance devices such as cameras.

As an example, take a look at how airports are already deploying them:

LiDAR Software Helps Airports to Manage Increased Traffic
See how and why Airports are increasingly using LiDAR-based software solutions to tackle their biggest challenges, leveraging the unique value of Spatial Intelligence.

By adopting this type of technology, Smart Cities Operators are not only demonstrating the comprehension of their operational needs, but also position themselves as key players in supporting advanced solutions designed to increase user's safety while guaranteeing the respect of their privacy.

Thanks to 3D LiDAR-based software, Smart Cities Operators can now access accurate and anonymous real time spatial intelligence data relevant to their specific needs.

We believe that accelerating the adoption of LiDAR technology through simple and scalable software solutions will significantly contribute to a smarter, safer and more sustainable urban environment.

You're keen on discovering how Outsight can help you build a LiDAR solution that suites your need? Here's a free white-paper with all the information you need !

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