Outsight's Truck Volume sensor Measurement Solution

Optimizing truck volumes measurement with LiDAR technology

Discover Dunakontroll's General Manager Gabor Dévai's testimonial about Outsight's latest industrial application in the paper industry.

Discover Gábor Dévai's testimony on Outsights input for moisture measurement.

Founded in 1994, Dunakontroll KFT is an Hungarian research company that develops microwave-based moisture measurement systems for the Paper Industry. One of the key issues in this industry is measuring the moisture content of materials.

As the quantity of water has a direct impact on the weight of the goods, it has a direct impact on the operational costs associated with handling these goods (storage, transportation, sale...). It is therefore imperative to be able to measure both the volume of materials and their water content, in order to optimize these costs for all players in the chain.

Traditional methods, often manual, are on one hand extremely time-consuming, and on the other hand unable to generate accurate data when dealing with large volumes of materials.

To address this challenge, Dunakontroll developed the HPNA Moisture-Measurement System that combines Microwave technology with LiDAR technology.
Dunakontroll's HPNA Moisture Measurement System: Accurate and reliable moisture measurement solution.
Dunakontroll’s HPNA Moisture Measurement System

Why choose Outsight as a LiDAR Partner?

Outsight in a nutshell
Outsight means the ability to see and understand things clearly: we transform Raw 3D data from different manufacturers into actionable information.

In order to offer measurement systems that are increasingly adapted to their customers' needs, Dunakontroll turned to LiDAR for its high accuracy and ability to operate in all weather and light conditions.

A 3D model of a purple and yellow box, separated from a truck by Outsight's processing software.
Outsight's processing software separates truck from load
Outsight's capability to transforms raw LiDAR data into real-time actionable insights enables Dunakontroll to measure not only the volume, but also the moisture content of an entire truck load in less than 2 minutes, even if it's bagged, in a fully automated way. 

In an era where accuracy and efficiency are more crucial than ever, Dunakontroll's partnership with Outsight showcases the power of LiDAR technology. By eliminating manual interventions and offering rapid, precise measurements, the HPNA system is setting a new benchmark in fibrous material measurement.

LiDAR solutions for volume measurement
3D LiDAR solutions offer a solution for industries where traditional volume measurement methods are outdated by offering more accurate data

After the successful implementation of LiDAR in its systems, Dunakontroll is not stopping at moisture measurement. The company aims to extend its expertise to other sectors, such as wood and agriculture.

The future looks bright, and with Outsight by its side, Dunakontroll is poised to redefine industry standards.

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