GIF of 3D point cloud lidar scan from partnership between Outsight and PreAct technologies

Outsight and PreAct Technologies Partner to Break New Ground in People Flow Monitoring

New affordable high-resolution technology for smart infrastructure applications set to disrupt LiDAR market

Outsight, the leading innovator in 3D Spatial AI Software Solutions, has joined forces with PreAct Technologies, a trailblazer in near-field flash LiDAR technology, to revolutionize the fields of Smart Infrastructure and People Flow Monitoring.

PreAct's unique approach has reduced LiDAR system costs by up to tenfold compared to existing solutions, without compromising on resolution.

This groundbreaking partnership heralds a new era in the industry, where high-resolution LiDAR technology becomes accessible at unprecedentedly affordable prices.
Understanding How Lidar Works
3D LiDAR is a complex technology that enables unprecedented Spatial Intelligence. Many engineering choices are possible when building a new device.

Combined with Outsight's cutting-edge Spatial AI Software Platform, this powerful technology can now be deployed on a large scale across various industries.

The partnership is a game-changer, particularly for applications requiring detailed spatial analysis and monitoring, such as smart city infrastructure, retail, transportation hubs, and in any other context requiring efficient people flow management in high-density areas.

Image of PreAct's High-Resolution 3D Data capturing lidar
The PreActs’ Mojave Sensor Revolutionizes High-Resolution 3D Data Collection at One-Tenth the Cost of Traditional LiDARs

Seamless Integration for Groundbreaking Solutions

Outsight's expertise in transforming raw 3D LiDAR data into actionable insights complements PreAct's affordable, high-resolution LiDAR technology.

Together, they provide an integrated solution that enables operators of transportation hubs, retailers, and industrial sites to tap into a new dimension of Spatial Intelligence.

This collaboration ensures the delivery of smarter, safer, and more sustainable environments.

Image of Outsight's lidar software dashboard paired with PreAct's sensors
The output 3D Point-Cloud data from PreAct is processed in real-time thanks to Outsight’s Software and generates a comprehensive set of Spatial Analytics insights

Innovation Showcased at CES 2024

Outsight and PreAct Technologies demonstrated the capabilities of this partnership at the latest CES 2024.

Attendees experienced firsthand the potential of these integrated solutions in the at Outsight's and PreAct's booths.

Did you missed the opportunity but want to know more? just contact us.

About PreAct Technologies

PreAct Technologies is the market leader in near-field software-definable flash LiDAR technology. Its patent-pending suite of sensor technologies provide high-resolution, affordable LiDAR solutions to a wide range of industries including automotive, healthcare, ITS, industrial, consumer electronics, robotics and trucking.

The firm is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with offices in Ashburn, Virginia, Rochester, NY; and Barcelona, Spain. For sales inquiries, please contact

For more information, visit

About Outsight

Outsight’s software solutions track the motion of people and vehicles using 3D LiDAR data.

Operators of transportation hubs like airports and train stations but also sport venues, road infrastructures, and industrial sites can now access accurate and anonymous Spatial Intelligence data, in order to improve operations and increase user safety and satisfaction.

Overview of Outsight
Outsight means the ability to see and understand things clearly: we transform Raw 3D data from different manufacturers into actionable information.

Our international team of scientists and engineers drive the development of our solutions from Paris, San Francisco, and Sophia-Antipolis (Nice). To support our global outreach, we also operate commercial offices in the UK, Belgium, Spain, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

We believe that accelerating the adoption of LiDAR technology through robust and scalable software solutions will significantly contribute to making the world smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

To learn more:

Press and Media Contacts

PreAct Technologies:

Angela Simoes

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Jean-François Kitten

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