ISO 27001 certification attained by outsight

Outsight Attains ISO 27001 Certification

We are thrilled to announce the achievement of ISO 27001 Certification, marking a commitment to top-tier information security.

We're proud to announce the attainment of ISO 27001 Certification!

This certification marks an important moment in our commitment to providing rock-solid processes and an Information Security Management Solution (ISMS) that goes beyond industry standards.

ISO 27001 is considered the global gold standard for ensuring the security of information and supporting assets: the certification proves the company's security practices to potential customers anywhere in the world.

Why is ISMS crucial?

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) comprises documented security requirements and controls.

An organization can showcase its adherence to and execution of the ISMS by presenting policies, procedures, and operational processes. The ISO 27001 standard outlines the essential documents that must be at least in place.

ISMS or Information security management system

In today's dynamic business environment, where we engage with projects of varying sizes and process extensive volumes of data, the importance of a robust ISMS cannot be overstated.

Whether handling small-scale projects or collaborating on extensive endeavors, safeguarding sensitive information is paramount.

A professional organization recognizes the imperative to manage data correctly, instilling confidence in clients that their information is treated with the utmost care and diligence.

Our Procedural Journey with Vanta and VioletX

The path to ISO 27001 certification is marked by a meticulous process ensuring a comprehensive information security approach. The 27001 certification process involves:

  1. Scoping and effectively implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  2. Establishing an ISMS governing body composed of senior management and key stakeholders from throughout the company
  3. Performing an internal audit to assess the organization’s ISMS and its implementation
  4. Undergoing an ISO audit with an external third-party auditor
Outsight has embraced this journey with dedication, leveraging the expertise of Vanta as a platform and the strategic advice of VioletX. 
ISMS: ISO 27001 certification

Success and Client Assurance

The culmination of our efforts is the certification conferred by Prescient Security Solutions. This achievement is not just a recognition of our dedication but also a testament to the trust our clients can place in Outsight.

With ISO 27001 certification, our clients now have the assurance that our processes and ISMS adhere to the highest global standards. The certification serves as a beacon, assuring clients that their data is handled with the utmost integrity and security.

The attainment of ISO 27001 certification is a testament to Outsight's unwavering commitment to excellence in information security. This milestone reinforces our dedication to providing clients with the highest standards of data protection. 

As we proudly announce this achievement, we extend our gratitude to Vanta, VioletX, and Prescient Security Solutions for their integral roles in this journey.

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