Innoviz and Outsight announce partnership to accelerate LiDAR's adoption in industries and smart cities

Innoviz and Outsight announce partnership to accelerate LiDAR's adoption in industries and smart cities

The combination of Outsight and Innoviz's solutions is intended to make 3D LiDAR technology more accessible and faster to use outside of the ADAS market.

Innoviz Technologies, a technology leader of high-performance, solid-state LiDAR sensors and high-performance perception software, today announced its partnership with Outsight.

Outsight’s Spatial Intelligence Software, the company’s unique, real-time edge processing and cloud capability platform, offers a plug-and-play solution for effectively integrating 3D LiDAR data into any infrastructure, industrial, or vehicle application.

The combination of Outsight and Innoviz's industry-leading products is meant to make it easier and faster for 3D LiDAR technology to be used beyond the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) market:

  • Infrastructure applications: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), people flow monitoring, and security;
  • Commercial vehicle and robotics: Construction equipment, logistics and service robotics;
  • Industrial uses: Volume measurement, industrial equipment safety, and agriculture.

Innoviz and Outsight partnership

Innoviz's high-performance LiDAR sensors meet the automotive industry's strictest performance and safety requirements.

They are purpose-built to be rugged, affordable, reliable, power efficient, lightweight, high-performing, and seamlessly integrable, and are ideally suited to enable a wide range of non-automotive use-cases that require mature solutions.

At the same time, Outsight's Spatial Intelligence Software makes it easier than ever to use LiDAR technology in any project, whether in real-time (edge processing) or remotely (in the cloud), with features like LiDAR SLAM, object detection and tracking, classification, and segmentation.

LiDAR solution system for ITS, integrating the InnovizOne with Outsight's Augmented LiDAR Box (ALB)

As the recognized pioneer and leader in the LiDAR processing software category and the only specialist software founding member of the LiDAR Coalition, of which Innoviz is also a founding member, Outsight's solutions have been widely adopted in a number of markets and for dozens of different uses throughout Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East.

“We aren’t in the early days of LiDAR anymore. At that time, demonstration-level sensor prototypes and research-level algorithms were sufficient to ignite the market, giving birth to the current leaders in LiDAR hardware and software. Non-automotive markets that will deploy LiDAR at scale require a whole new level of maturity, with high-performing and reliable hardware like Innoviz’s LiDAR sensors combined with scalable and easy-to-use software solutions like Outsight’s,” said Raul Bravo, President Co-Founder of Outsight. “We’re glad to be working with Innoviz on innovative offerings thanks to the complementary technology and talent of both organizations.”

See the real-time LiDAR SLAM software from Outsight using InnovizOne data:

“Our award-winning LiDAR technology is already being used to monitor pedestrian safety in Los Angeles, improve operational efficiency and safety across shipping ports in China, automate crane systems on construction sites in Japan, and more,” said Omer Keilaf, Co-Founder and CEO of Innoviz. “We’re excited to partner with Outsight to continue to accelerate the adoption of our award-winning LiDAR technologies and power use cases across ITS, Smart infrastructure, smart industrial and more.”

Outsight will demonstrate the collaboration with Innoviz LiDAR during CES 2023 at Innoviz’s booth #6553 during the show dates, January 5-8, and will present the use-case with Innoviz LiDAR on Wednesday, January 5, 2pm, at Innoviz’s booth #6553, followed by a Q&A session.

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