Outsight LiDAR software demonstration

Groupe ADP talks about Outsight's solution

Interested in the applications of LiDAR in Airports? Learn more about how our customer Groupe ADP used our LiDAR Software solution.

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Erwan Le Roux

Project Manager - Airport Operations

“Hi everyone [I’m] very happy to welcome you at the group ADP booth, at Vivatech. I’m here to introduce you to Outsight. Which is a company we are working with.

They are implementing a LiDAR Sensor to monitor passenger flow.

We have been testing it firstly in CDG [Charles de Gaulle Airport] and now we implemented the solution in Orly [Airport] in check-in areas, and as you can see here in the monitor we are able to count and to evaluate the number of passengers in a specific zone.”

Outsight LiDAR demonstration on a Ipad

“Also to evaluate the waiting time for the check in counters for example, here (pointing at the lower part of the screen) at kiosks.And here on the right part of the monitor you have the counter of the passengers.

So very happy to welcome you if you want to learn more about the solution here [at Vivatech].”


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