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Making City of Bellevue's Roads Safer: How Outsight's Software Changed the Game

Discover Outsight's latest use case in the city of Bellevue, a complete LiDAR installation to increase users' safety at busy intersections!

Discover Franz Loewenherz's testimonial on Outsight Deployment in the City of Bellevue

Bellevue, WA is a beautiful city in the Eastside region of King County. As part of the Vision Zero Community, the city has a clear goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injuries by 2030.

For Franz Loewenherz, Mobility Planning and Solutions Manager at the City of Bellevue, WA, the number one priority is addressing vulnerable road users' (VRUs) safety.

According to the data collected, people walking and bicycling represent just 5% of all crashes, however, they account for 55% of all fatal and serious crashes. 41% of all pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries are attributable to failure to yield
Doughnut chart of crashes

To achieve this goal, the city is equipping itself with physical and digital solutions to maximize pedestrian safety. But the installation of these equipments requires precise insights to ensure that resources are correctly allocated.

Why choose Outsight as a LiDAR Partner?

As part of its ongoing safety initiatives over the past 7 years, the city of Bellevue turned to LiDAR for a high-performance analysis technology to complement its existing safety infrastructure.

The objective encompassed not only the detection and classification of various road users - from pedestrians to vehicles - at all times of the day, including evenings, but also the identification of potential conflict situations as well as measuring the effectiveness of deploying physical solutions such as high visibility crosswalks.

Originally developed for the Automotive Market, its unrivaled precision and ability to work under any lighting or weather condition make LiDAR a technology perfectly adapted to address the challenges of Smart Cities.

Thanks to its ability to extract raw data from any LiDAR, and transform it into real time actionable insights, Outsight's processing software was the ideal solution for deploying their installation.

To learn more about Outsight, here's a 60 sec video:

Outsight in a nutshell
Outsight means the ability to see and understand things clearly: we transform Raw 3D data from different manufacturers into actionable information.

The results

After implementing Outsight's solution with LiDAR, Bellevue used evaluated the reduction in conflicts between vehicles and other road users (vulnerable road users as well as other vehicles).

The results are astonishing !

Informatics after Outsight's LiDAR Software Solutions

These results perfectly illustrate the relevance of LiDAR technology and its software for the Smart City market.

Before and after of conflict count
Conflict count - Before and After Outsight’s Solution deployment
On one hand, real-time analysis enables operators to make immediate decisions in response to unforeseen events, while on the other, the study of data acquired over the long term enables safety measures to be deployed in a relevant manner.

The development of the LiDAR market has led to the emergence of dozens of different manufacturers. This boom has accelerated the technology's maturity, enabling exponential performance gains and drastic cost reductions.

But in the absence of standards for data processing - each manufacturer having its own proprietary data formats - the technology remains difficult to deploy optimally.

Outsight's software solutions overcome this problem, extracting and transforming raw LiDAR data from any sensor to real-time, actionable insights.

Operators can then choose the type of equipment most relevant to their use cases, and can even combine several types of sensor for optimum results, using tools like a multi-vendor LiDAR Simulator:

Introducing the first multi-vendor 3D LiDAR Simulator
Outsight has developed a LiDAR simulator for any use case and application, from airports to mobile robotics, smart cities and industrial applications.

You want to discover more about LiDAR's application for Smart Cities?

Whitepaper download for creating smart cities using lidar technology

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